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Dead Fir is a game I've been working on for quite some time. It has evolved from a simple horror themed, text-based experiment into a true survival horror game. 

My inspiration for creating this game stems from an idea of playing a Gameboy title meant for a slightly mature audience. Mature in the sense that it subverts your expectations from time to time compromising your sense of safety or more.

This game is my love letter to all the classic Gameboy games I played in my childhood, but it is also a monument to my growing love of content inspired by the works of Junji Ito , H.P. Lovecraft and David Lynch.

Currently, this game is still in development, but if the images I've posted and the words I've added interest you, please follow me here or on Twitter for more updates.


P.S. Much love to anyone who supports this project and thank you all for stopping by.

-Mak Bad Gam


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love the looks of it, can't wait.